Kakamas in the Northern Cape of South Africa

Kakamas is a small town located on the R64 just forty km west of Keimoes in South Africa’s Northern Cape.
The name means ‘poor pasture’ in the Hottentot language, actually a flagrant misnomer, as the town occupies a fertile valley on the Lower Orange River, being graced with vineyards, cotton and lucerne fields.

Waterwheels are still in use along the canals.
Kakamas in the Northern Cape of South Africa
Rose quartz, amethyst, tourmaline and feldspar are found in the vicinity.

Just outside Kakamas near a grove of date palms is a monument honouring German soldiers killed in a clash with South African troops in 1915.

A remarkable peach once cultivated here transformed the South African canned fruit industry, more than doubled its total output within two years. Though no longer commercially grown in this area, the Kakamas peach tree grows wild.