The Sardine Run

A winters highlight along the Kwazulu-Natal’s South Coast is a fishing phenomenon known as the “Sardine Run, which has fascinating an effect on human beings as it has impact on marine life.
Every year hugh shoals of pilchards set off from the cool Cape Waters in search of warm spawning grounds.
Moving with the north flowing offshore current, these diminutive fish remain out of reach of the shore along the Cape coast, but somewhere around Natal`s southern border, counter currents sweep them landwards, and this is where the excitement starts because there is always the chance that your spot of the beach will be the one playing host to tons of fish driven onshore by a permutation of wind, tide and predators.
Sea birds provide one of the clues to finding the fish. Where ever they are, wheeling, shrieking and diving into the waves, the sardine are sure to be.
The sardine swim in successive waves swinging out to sea again in the vicinity of Durban.
The migration is an annual one, with the first sighting towards the end of June and continuing for a month.